5 Things I’m Greatful For

Today’s post will be short and sweet because I’m still sick with COVID.

1. I’m thankful that this COVID is mild compared to the other variants because I don’t think I would have survived any of the others. This one has been bad, but could have been much worse.

2. I’m thankful for the home that my Dad made sure we had after his passing last year.

3. I’m thankful for this lifestyle that we have chosen to live because it helps us to be better people and to be able to help others sometimes.

4. I’m thankful for the opportunity to raise these animals and give them the best life possible.

5. I’m thankful for our neighbors that have helped us so much on this journey.

Have a great day!



What Do People Incorrectly Assume About You

People all over tend to assume things about others even if they don’t know them or their situation. We get this a lot here because we live in a small town. We tend to have a lot of stuff in our yard because Aarron builds everything we need. We don’t have the money to go and buy things all the time so when he gets things from different people it tends to sit in the yard until it’s needed.

As an example, he built the milk stand in the picture above from scrap wood that we had around the property. Nothing for this stand was purchased. The wood had been left over from other projects that Aarron had done on the farm here and he used the scraps to build the milk stand that I needed to be able to easily milk the goats. Granted it’s not as nice as some of the milk stands you can find on the market, but it works and it does exactly what I need it to do every day. Plus I have been using it for well over 2 years now and it’s still holding up strong.

Aarron has also built all the pens we have in the yard for the animals. He has done this out of different things we have gotten from other people in the area. When someone is throwing away items from their homes, Aarron picks the stuff up for free and uses it around the farm when we need something. He is also collecting parts for a solar system for the house.

So I know that some of our neighbors probably look at our yard and feel it’s just junk all over the place, but they have no idea what my husband can do with this stuff. I love that he can build just about anything from what we have here on the property.

Have a great day!