Blogging201: Social Media

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So, today is all about social media. I have the sharing buttons and the connect buttons on my page already however, I did make an adjustment today because Krista suggested making a page to connect Facebook with my readers. So I now have a new page on Facebook! I am not exactly sure what I am going to do with it yet, but I”m sure that will come. I look forward to connecting with my readers there as well as here.

I chose Facebook because I already have an account with them and decided this would be the easiest way to start trying to make the most of social media. Hopefully I will be able to post projects I am doing, while in the works, and before posting them here. I have a few ideas that I look forward to sharing very soon (as soon as the monsoon season here is over).

I love Facebook because you can connect with people around the world. This has been a curiosity of mine as I love to see how other people live. Facebook give us a way to do this. When you make “friends” on Facebook you get to see their pictures and a glimpse of what they do and who they are. I love this! Getting to know new people is so interesting to see the differences in the way we live compared to how others live. Social media is wonderful for this very thing.

I look forward to sharing with you both here and on Facebook!

See you soon,


Blogging 201: Make the most of your Archives

TGIF everyone!

Today is all about the past! Why? Because the archives section of the blog shows your posts from the past.

I have already added this to my site but I wasn”t sure if I should or not. So today”s blogging 201 told me I was doing something right….YAY! I know I worry to much about the little stuff but I am new and still really have no idea as to what I am doing…lol. I guess one could say that I am playing it be ear…which in itself is a little scary for me. I like to have a plan.

Another suggestion that was made was link content to previous posts. I”m not sure how to do this yet but I will figure it out and start using this as well in the future. Maybe I could add this to my goals for the site. Hey! look at that. Thank you McCallister sculpture for the information on how to do this.

Well today is short and sweet. I have a lot of homework to do still today.

Have a wonderful day!

Blogging 201: Day 2 Branding

The project for today is branding. Do you have a certain store you shop at or a certain brand you buy every time you need to? This is branding! We become selective in what we buy, and what we watch, and what we do (or well some of us anyways….LOL) and this in turn becomes a part of who we are.

With that in mind, since I am so new at this. I want to try to find something that fits me, something that shows you who I am in a nutshell. I am trying a new background to see how this one feels to me. I will also be playing with the fonts, headings, and other things on the site to find something (Hopefully) that really fits with who I am and who I want to show to you. Hopefully I will pick something permanent soon. Any advice or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

It is hard to find something that will fit every person but this is what we try to do. We try to find something that will tell you, the reader, who we are in a picture or in a few words. I know that we have all heard not to judge a book by it”s cover, but how many times do we do this anyway? I know that I am guilty of it although I am working on this as well.

Hope your having a great night, signing off for now.


Ok. To be more accountable to you and to myself I am working on setting three goals for my blog. The questions we are to answer are: Why do you blog? I think I am doing this more for myself than anything else. Writing everything down helps me to get my head clear. Second question is: If your blog exceeded your wildest dreams, what would that look like? I think for me this would be that people are interested in what I have to say…lol. I am not sure that I am really leading an interesting enough life to be doing this. I guess if I can help even one person through anything then I have done a good enough job.

So, the three goals for my blog are this:

  1. Get more readers by the end of the year.
  2. Publish at least 4 days a week.
  3. Spend time on my followers posts.

In setting these three goals, I am pledging to be more active with my blog and with anyone who decides to follow my blog. I hope to start meeting you soon.