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Eco-Friendly and Chic: Why Natural Materials are the Latest Trend in Floor Lamps

Natural materials are having a moment in the world of home decor. More and more people are looking for eco-friendly and chic ways to update their homes, and floor lamps made from natural materials are a perfect way to do that. Let’s take a look at why natural materials are the latest trend in floor lamps.

One of the latest trends in home décor is the use of natural materials to create unique pieces, particularly floor lamps. MDF wood and bamboo are two popular materials that are often incorporated because they add character to spaces. These natural materials bring warmth to any room, visually and physically. Utilizing MDF wood and bamboo also helps reduce our impact on the environment, something that is becoming increasingly important as we strive for sustainability. Their charming appeal makes them versatile options for modern decorating styles while still retaining a timeless quality. Using natural materials in home décor is a creative way to craft a more inviting and cozy atmosphere at home.

The trend of wearing sustainable fashion is quickly gaining popularity for a variety of reasons. The eco-friendly credentials are one of the main draws to those looking to reduce their environmental footprint; with materials such as upcycled textiles and bio-based synthetics being used in fashion, shoppers can feel good knowing that less virgin resources are being utilized. Additionally, this sustainable approach to fashion also offers numerous stylish options, proving to consumers that an ethical wardrobe can also be an aesthetically pleasing one. With more ethical options being increasingly accessible at all price points, it makes sense why people are pairing chic and sustainability.

Atamin is the perfect brand for any homeowner looking to buy a floor lamp made from natural materials. Atamin offers a wide selection of products that are hand-crafted from premium quality MDF woods, making them incredibly durable and long-lasting. Atamin lamps have beautiful designs, often incorporating unique shapes and intricate carvings which can add to the overall aesthetic of a room. Additionally, Atamin floor lamps are available in an array of colors to match any home décor. Not only will Atamin’s quality products make your home look amazing but you won’t have to worry about replacing your lamp anytime soon!

When it comes to styling a room around a natural material floor lamp, you’ll want to focus on creating dimensions and textures that will bring that lamp to the spotlight. Utilizing other natural materials, like textured rugs and lush plant life, will help to draw attention to the lamp while also adding vibrancy and life throughout the space. If you’re feeling bold, use daring colors in your furniture selection that contrast with the hue of the lamp while staying true to its warm tones. Whether it’s light aqua or deep berry shades, these hues can offer statements as powerful as any piece of art in your home. With a little creativity, you can turn your living room into an oasis built around your floor lamp statement piece.

With the focus on sustainability and the environment becoming more and more prevalent, it’s no surprise that incorporating eco-friendly materials into your home decor is trending. Instead of opting for cheaper synthetic alternatives, why not embrace this trend by adding natural, upcycled materials to living spaces? This can easily be done either by using reclaimed wood or stone from old buildings, hunting around second-hand furniture stores for intriguing trinkets and antiques, or finding elegant ways to use biodegradable items like straw mats or hemp sheets. Not only are these choices better for our planet, they make interiors appear fresh, interesting and beautiful. So if you’re looking to update your home in a sustainable way this season, make sure to consider eco-friendly materials!

Natural material floor lamps are an ideal way to bring sustainability to a space without compromising on style. There’s something so refreshing about walking into a home that incorporates the beauty of nature – it reminds us of all the natural beauty in our world and brings warmth and comfort. Moving away from traditional materials and promoting the use of such products is a great way to grow awareness of environmentalism while staying fashionable all at the same time, so don’t be afraid to make the switch! Whether you’re looking for an update or a complete room transformation, natural material floor lamps can provide a solid starting point with endless possibilities that both match your taste and support your commitment to eco-friendly living.

Atamin Ava Bedside Table

How to style your nightstand like a pro
A nightstand is more than just a place to rest your alarm clock and stash your books. It’s an essential part of any bedroom and can make or break the whole look. Never fear if you’re unsure how to style a nightstand like a pro! We’ve got some great tips to help you get started.

Choose the design of the nightstand.
When it comes to nightstands, design can be an important factor in both style and practicality. Depending on the bedroom’s decor, many different designs could work well – from a sleek modern look to more ornate designs with detailed carvings and even multiple drawers to increase storage space. Whatever design you choose, ensure it is safe and of good construction. Think about things like how easy it will open and close, as well as whether you need extras like shelves or lighting – these all affect the overall feel of your bedroom when making this important decision.

Choose a theme or style for your nightstand – this could be anything from minimalist to glam.
When it comes to decorating, often the little details make the biggest difference. Setting an intentional style or theme for your nightstand can be a great way to finish off the overall aesthetic of your bedroom. Whether you’re going for a minimalist look, with just one statement lamp and a book or two, or you want something more glam, with trinkets, candles, and greenery – there are no wrong choices here! Finding what makes you feel at home is key when deciding on the perfect nightstand style, whatever it may be.

Pick out a few key pieces that fit your chosen theme, including a lamp, alarm clock, and framed photo.
Whether one is looking to spruce up a bedroom, add some bright accents to a living space, or make a cozy reading corner, ATAMIN’s Ava Bedside Table with Lamp and USB-C Charging Station is the perfect addition. Not only does this item come with its own integrated lamp and built-in USB ports for easy device charging, but it also features a signature minimalist design making it an unobtrusive yet statement piece. The sleek lines and natural oak shade of ATAMIN’s bedside table is sure to be the stylish touch that ties any room together. Paired with your chosen alarm clock and framed photo, ATAMIN’s Ava Bedside Table will provide light, function and style as the key pieces for completing any theme.

Arrange your items on the nightstand in a way that is pleasing to the eye
Nightstands often can become a hodgepodge of items that do not necessarily convey harmony and balance. Finding a way to arrange your nightstand items to blend aesthetically together is one small way you can inject beauty and serenity into your space. The arrangement of items on your nightstand should be aesthetically pleasing, from height variations to colors and shapes. If nothing else, remember this one thing when arranging your nightstand: less is more. Keep it simple and mindful with only a few pieces that collectively convey understated elegance.

Add some finishing touches, such as a plant or scented candle.
Making a home feel complete can often be tricky, as it is such a personal thing tailored to our individual tastes. That being said, there are certain details that everyone appreciates, bringing a space warmth. Such touches could include adding a fresh-cut or silk flower or even placing a pot of lavender on your windowsill to fill your home with its calming aroma. Further, lightening a scented candle can bring inviting colors whilst instilling an atmosphere of comfort and peace. Even the simplest touches, like bringing in a flower arraignment for those special occasions, have been proven to lift the spirits and bring joy; all these small finishing touches make for an exciting journey towards creating your own unique space.

After considering the design, theme or style, pieces, and arrangement of your nightstand, you can now finish off your nightstand by adding some special touches that fit with the overall theme. This could be a plant to live up the air quality in your bedroom or maybe even a scented candle to create ambiance in a room. Whatever you choose, make sure it adds something to the overall feel of the space. Now is the time to step back and admire your work – you have thoughtfully planned and brought together a nightstand of your dreams. So don’t wait any longer and start styling your nightstand! With these ideas, you are sure to end up with a room accessory that both looks beautiful and reflects who you are as an individual.

Dimmable Floor Lamp

Dimmable Floor Lamp


Five reasons a floor lamp is essential for every new homeowner

As a new homeowner, you may wonder what kind of lamp best suits your needs. While many different types and styles of lamps are available, floor lamps are essential for any home. Here are five reasons why:

1. Floor lamps provide the ambient lighting that can be used to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in any room.
2. They can also be used to provide task lighting for reading, writing, or other activities.
3. Floor lamps come in various styles and designs, so you can find one that perfectly fits your personal aesthetic.
4. They are relatively inexpensive and easy to find at most major retailers.
5. Most importantly, floor lamps add a touch of sophistication and style to any space – no matter what your décor looks like!

A floor lamp can provide extra light in a dark room without taking up much space.
Floor lamps are the perfect solution to a dark room. Not only can they provide extra light, but they can also do so without taking up too much space. Plus, their flexibility allows them to be placed in areas where overhead lighting just isn’t feasible. This makes them an ideal choice for areas with high ceilings or sloped walls and furniture pieces that may otherwise obstruct illumination from an overhead fixture. With the right lamp, you can easily add a layer of warm, inviting ambiance to any room and never worry about compromising on style or function.

Floor lamps are relatively inexpensive so they won’t break the bank.

Floor lamps are an incredibly affordable way to upgrade the lighting in your home. Even on a tight budget, you can purchase a beautiful piece that won’t break the bank while also providing a sophisticated look. Beyond aesthetics, floor lamps add versatility to any room; they can be used to shape the atmosphere or cast light into dark corners. Whether looking for specific tasks or just something warm and inviting to set the mood, floor lamps offer undeniable practicality mixed with style, making them one of the best options for brightening your home.

They come in a variety of styles to match any home décor
ATAMIN Alvin Dimmable Floor Lamp With Shelves & Integrated LED Lighting is a perfect piece of décor to suit any home – after all, they come in various color. Whether you’re looking for a modern minimalistic look or rustic charm, ATAMIN has an exquisite selection. They’ve crafted contemporary and classic designs that have been carefully thought out to the last detail. A great advantage of ATAMIN lamps is the integrated LED lighting system, providing full brightness without the need to replace bulbs. ATAMIN lamps are the epitome of great design combined with functionality while offering a beautiful ambiance and illuminating your space.

Floor lamps can be used to create a cozy reading nook or relaxing corner in any room
Floor lamps provide an easy and affordable way to transform any room’s vibes instantly. Placing one in a reading nook or quiet corner can create a peaceful atmosphere that helps you relax. This is why people often use floor lamps to decorate their bedrooms or living rooms – they help to add warmth and comfort. Because there are innumerable designs, types, and sizes of floor lamps on the market today, you may find the perfect lamp that seamlessly matches your unique home décor style. Whether creating an inviting den for friends or seeking a cozy space for your relaxation, a well-placed floor lamp can be just what you need.

They’re easy to move around, so you can change the look of your room anytime you want
For those of us who are constantly changing our minds on how we want our rooms to look, furniture that is easy to move around is a dream come true. We no longer have to pick one style and stick with it; now, whenever the fancy strikes us, we can switch up the look of our room in a matter of moments. It’s like getting a brand new home without any extra effort or expense that usually comes with it. With just a few pieces that are movable and easy to work with, you can change your room’s looks as much as you like!

Floor lamps are truly a necessity for any home. They bring an extra degree of light and style and provide a cozy and inviting place to curl up with a book or just relax. With such an abundance of styles and designs, you can ensure that the perfect floor lamp will fit perfectly in your space. Best of all, due to their modest price tag, you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank when shopping for lighting solutions. Adding a floor lamp to any room is sure to make it more inviting and enjoyable while adding another layer of functionality to your home.

Swim with the Fitmax


Introducing the Fitmax iPool Resistance Swimming Pool

Looking for a great way to get in shape this summer? Look no further than the Fitmax iPool resistance swimming pool! This inflatable pool is perfect for anyone looking for an aquatic workout in the comfort of their own home at an affordable price. The Fitmax iPool offers a variety of benefits, including improved cardiovascular health, increased strength and endurance, and better flexibility. The pool is also great for those with joint pain or other physical limitations. The water resistance is perfect for a low-impact workout that won’t aggravate your injuries.
Health Benefits of the iPool –
• Convenient home rehabilitation, aqua exercise, and fitness
• Low impact, aquatic therapy is great for joints such as your knees, hips and lower back
• Easily improve your blood circulation and blood pressure
• Strengthen and build your muscles and bones with low impact exercise
• Heaters are available so aches and pains vanish with warm water therapy

The patented dual-tethered system allows a swimmer to easily adjust the harness and mechanical resistance to swim endlessly and comfortably without artificial currents or jet streams. The harness and resistance band are customizable so the swimmer can increase or decrease the intensity of the workout. Because the harness holds the swimmer in place, an iPool swimmer can perform all the different swimming strokes in a small body of water that is roughly the size of an SUV without worrying about touching the walls or floor of the pool.
The heavy-duty materials and construction of the iPool make it durable enough to withstand the elements and daily use. Our pools are rigorously tested according to the ASTM D3776 international standards. The liners have five layers of protection and can easily withstand hundreds of pounds of force per square foot. The vinyl mesh layering helps protect against tears and punctures and we stand by our products with a product lifetime warranty.

The iPool is compact and portable. It can be set up indoors or outdoors and may take about 1-2 hours to assemble with 2 people. Ideal set up locations include the backyard, garage or basement. It is the perfect solution for those who want to swim year-round but don’t have the space for a traditional pool. The small footprint also makes it easy to store away when not in use. Furthermore, the iPool requires less chemicals per week resulting in easy and simple maintenance.
The Fitmax iPool is perfect for the whole family to use, and Olympic athletes have even used it for professional training. This inflatable pool is perfect for leisure, training, or aquatic therapy. Customers have also used our iPool for pet therapy. The patented harness system can be attached to a dog life vest so they can swim in the pool. This is a great way to help yourself, your family and your furry friend stay fit and healthy!

As the weather gets warmer, now is the perfect time to start thinking about ways to get in shape for swimsuit season. The Fitmax iPool resistance swimming pool is a great way to get a workout without even leaving your home! With its impeccable health benefits, affordable price, patented dual-tethered system, durable materials and compact size, nothing compares to the iPool.

Order your iPool today with confidence and start swimming your way to a healthier you!

Tactical Gear for the Homestead

I think one of the hardest things for homesteader to do is find clothing that doesn’t wear out as quickly as regular wear. Or at least I hope that I am not the only one that finds this to be a problem. However, I hope that I may have discovered a solution to this problem.  MTHD Gear may be the solution.

Tactical gear generally seems to hold out better than normal clothing does so I am suggesting this as an option to outdoor gear because this gear is for those in the tundra, mountains, and desert plus they are working to be a more sustainable company. This is another thing I can get behind on this.

The MTHD tactical gear is great for most climates so it should work for most anyone. Even though homesteaders are not generally looked at as one of the outdoorsmen, we are outdoors working hard every day. I love all the pockets on the pants shown above. I never seem to have enough pockets for everything that I generally carry with me when working in the garden or with the animals so this is a plus for me.

They have several different jackets and shirts to choose from also which is nice. They also have other types of pants and long underwear to choose from so for those of you in the colder climes, they have many options for you as well.

So go check out Tactical Distributors MTHD tactical gear at

to see what they have for you. I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Leave me a comment below and let me know what you think of as this as an option for outdoor wear on the homestead.

Have a great day!


Garden Hose

If there is one thing on this homestead that frustrates me so much it would have to be the garden hose. It seems like after you use one for a month or so, then it will kink on you every time you more around. We have a long hose (25 foot) in the back that we use to keep water for the animals. Every time I move it, it kinks and drives me crazy. I move the hose and then have to go find where it kinked at so that I can water the next animal. It’s so  frustrating. That and the hoses break so easy.

This company, Eley Hose Reels, claims to have a hose that won’t do this. I would love to try this out because I know that if a hose will kink, it will be in my backyard. They claim this hose won’t kink and will last for a long time. They are so sure of this that they have a 10 year warranty on their hoses. Of course this doesn’t cover misuse or abuse, but regular use is covered. They say their hoses won’t break or kink.

Because of this, I think I may have to purchase this hose and put this warranty to the test because with my history with garden hoses, if it is going to kink or break, I can do it. Go check out the best garden hose that may be available today.  They also carry other hose related items such as hose reels and other watering tools.

Have a great day!


This is a sponsored post.

HAIROIC® Hair Serum and Heat protectant


HAIROIC Superhero Powers: A multitasking, lightweight serum that helps detangle, prime with natural thermal shield, enhance shine with Moroccan argan oil, smooth with a vitamin complex and ceramides, and protect against damage by harnessing the power of diamonds. A Drop of HAIROIC attitude: What makes you stand out? It’s when you’re true to yourself – naturally projecting strength and confidence in your own unique way. Being HAIROIC is being confident in your hair everyday and expressing your own style. A Dash of Flair: Don’t apologize for wanting to look as good as you feel expressing your inner self and don’t feel like you have to pick between naturally-derived ingredients and high-performing product technology, salon quality or an affordable price. With HAIROIC, choose everything! A Touch of Science: High-performance ingredients are combined with the latest innovations in technology to develop multifunctional, one-of-a-kind haircare products. A Sprinkle of Nature: HAIROIC is always formulated and crafted with the best nature has to offer so we can care for you and care for nature.
EVERYONE’S SUPERHERO – Great and suitable for all hair types. Hairoic’s Hair Serum fights to Protect, Shine, Strengthen and Detangle hair as a Superhero power.
SUPER POWERFUL ARGAN OIL WITH ELEMENTAL CONTROL – HAIROIC’s lightweight yet rich formula works without weighing the hair down. This Vitamin packed formula, infused with Moroccan argan oil to provide immediate hydration to your hair. This diamond drops hair serum adds moisture, helps eliminate frizz.
IMMORTAL (ALMOST) – A little goes a long way. Enjoy this 2-in-1 use before styling your hair for protection from heat and or after styling as an Argan Oil hair serum treatment!
SUPERHERO STRENGTH – Help prevent breakage and split ends with the diamond dust that acts as protector while the Vitamin E and A enriched with Argan oil repair and nourishes your hair.
MINDFULLY FORMULATED – WITHOUT sulfates (SLS/SLES), parabens and phthalates. Cruelty-Free and Color-Safe with the needed vitamins for your healthy hair!