Make Your Own Garlic Powder or Salt

Did you know that it is super easy to make your own garlic powder or salt? It really is. It takes about a day to do, but that is only because it takes a while to dehydrate your garlic cloves. There is only about 20 minutes or so of active time. The rest of the time your garlic will be in the dehydrator or in the oven.

The first thing you will need to do is to cut your garlic down into slices. This will allow your oven or dehydrator to work at drying them more effectively. I was told you could do it by just smashing your garlic, but when I tried it that way it took about 2 days for it to dry out completely so for me it makes more sense to slice the cloves down so they don’t take as long in the dehydrator.

Garlic in the dehydrator

Once you have your garlic in slices place them on your dehydrator trays, or on a cookie sheet if you are going to use your oven. I set my dehydrator at 200 degrees for 12 hours and that was pretty good. They were all dry. To check the dryness of the garlic you just try to bend them. If they bend, they need to go in for longer. If they are dry, they will snap.

Dried Garlic

When it’s dry, you put it in your food processor or blender. I use a nutra bullet to grind mine into powder. You will blend it until it’s all a powder. You don’t want any chunks in it.

Garlic Powder

It should look about like the picture above when it’s done. Then you just put in your shaker. I saved one the last time I bought and used store bought but since I have been making my own, I haven’t used store bought since.

Garlic Powder

If you need garlic salt, you add a bit of salt to the powder and mix it in. It’s so very easy to make that store bought is no longer an option for me. I love the way this smells and the way it tastes does not compare to what you buy at the store. I just can’t wait until I can get my garlic growing so that I don’t have to buy that at the store either.

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20 thoughts on “Make Your Own Garlic Powder or Salt

  1. This is cool that I can use fresh garlic to make the garlic powder. Thanks for the recipe.

  2. I always purchase my garlic powder from my local grocery store. I never knew that I could make homemade garlic powder. I would have to check this out. Thanks for sharing this with us.
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  3. I found this article on making homemade garlic powder or salt really informative! It’s great to know that it’s easy to do with just a few steps and some patience for drying. I’ll definitely give it a try and enjoy the fresh flavor compared to store-bought options.

  4. i haven’t attempted making onion or garlic powder at home yet but maybe i should make a bit and keep for those random times we need it in recipes and i am out of garlic..

  5. I’m a garlic lover and have to try making this. I never realized how easy it could be to make homemade garlic powder.

  6. Wow! This is an amazing article about garlic. This is my first time to hear this one, I’ll give it a try.

  7. I am so loving this and I know it has to be even better than the store bought! Everything homemade is better and better for you too 😉

  8. This is absolutely awesome I’m surely gonna have to try this out! Thanks for sharing this with us

  9. This looks really great to try. I really love garlic and it makes me wanted to try this more and more

  10. Thank you for sharing this easy and informative guide on making homemade garlic powder or salt. Your step-by-step instructions and tips make the process clear and achievable. I appreciate how you emphasize the benefits of homemade garlic products compared to store-bought ones. Keep up the great work!

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