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First thing I want to say is that I love my husband. He works so very hard for us to have what we need. I love that I can tell him what I need and he can usually make it for me. This is true with the goat pen as well. He finished the goat pen this week and I am in love with it as I would imagine are the goats. They now have about an acre to roam on with trees and weeds and so many other things for them browse as the wish to.

He made the pen from mostly pallets. There are poles in the ground to help keep it sturdy so the goats can’t just knock it down. He used some metal straps to tie the corners together and keep them strong. The gate is a wrought iron pool door that he had here already.

Of course goats will test the strength of any fence and they did this one as well. They couldn’t knock it down, but a funny thing did happen the night we put them in for the first time. I have one goat, Astra, that is always very vocal. Well she was throwing a fit about the new home. After a little while she calmed down and went to bed down (or so I thought).

I go out in the morning to see the goats and how they did in their new home and I only see 4 of the 6. I can’t find Astra and Diamond. Now mind you Diamond and Astra do not get along in the pen. So we go searching the 10 acres looking for these two goats. After about an hour we are heading back to the house when Aarron sees them in the neighbors yard! They are together and they are getting along just beautifully.

They follow me all the way back to the pen with absolutely no issues. However, the moment they are back in the pen, Astra tries to head butt Diamond and they are back to normal. So if you have or ever get goats, just remember they will test your building skills every day. We ended up finding a couple pallets that were missing boards. So Aarron remedied that quite quickly and so far they haven’t been out again yet.

Of course because this is a new pen we still expect a few jail breaks but we will see. They seem to be enjoying the new pen though with all the new area to explore.

Have a great day!


28 thoughts on “Goat Pen

  1. My cousin has a lot of land and hopes to get goats one day. Using pallets for fencing seems like a great and frugal choice. I’ll pass this on to her.

  2. My friend had a goat on her farm. It was a mean one and she named it scapegoat.

  3. Sounds like a great fenced area for the goats. I think there always tends to be a goat or two that seem to escape. Hopefully they won’t again.

  4. Wow! That was a really nice looking fence for your goats. Thanks for sharing this with us

  5. Your husband really did a great job doing that fence! Im Gonna let my husband see this.

  6. Your farm is getting there. We used to have goats and they would figure out some way to get their head through the hole in the fence to eat on the other side. Then they were stuck and would just stand there. They are funny animals.

  7. Love this and your husband sounds super handy which is a blessing for sure. My husband is like that too and I so appreciate all that he can do. Love the story about the goats and so glad you found them both 😉

  8. Then sneaky little goats. I’m glad that you were able to find Astra and Diamond quickly so that you could put them back into their pen.

  9. I would be so nervous to go out and only find 4 of the 6 goats. They sound like they have some personalities! =)

  10. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your husband’s incredible work on the goat pen! It’s heartwarming to see the love and effort put into creating a safe and spacious home for the goats. The funny escapade with Astra and Diamond added an entertaining touch. Best wishes for more successful adventures in the new pen!

  11. This post put a smile on my face.. Goats are truly entertaining to watch.. Reading your posts show me how life on a farmstead is sure to be tough and lots of hard work but also so very rewarding in so many ways.. Hopefully Astra and Diamond stay put in their pen and get along soon (but then, I hope the same with my kids too all the time ;-))

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