So much to do

Right now there is so much to do that it feels as though nothing is actually getting done. Things are getting done though, and I do know this, it just feels like.. well, overwhelming.

For starters we got the house moved to where it will stay. We have the power sort of worked out. We have the water sort of worked out. However there is the well that still needs fixing.

We still are working on the goat pens.

They will be on the other side of that fence once it’s done rather than half way across the property. I’m looking forward to this happening because then feeding and watering will be easier again.

Aarron just got a whole bunch of pallets which will be used for the goat pens. So hopefully they will be done soon. I would love to have the goats closer to the house so I can hear them if anything happens.

Well that’s what’s going here right now. A lot of work and not much rest. I’d love to hear some positive things going on for y’all. Leave me a comment below and tell me how things are going for you.

Have a great day!


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