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This is a sponsored post. I was gifted the Reading Kingdom program to write this review. All opinions are my own. To see my full disclosure click here.

This is a cute program that will help you child with his or her reading and spelling. I love everal thing about this program so far, I have only been using it with my grand son for a couple days. The first is the use of graphics to help in teaching.


The net thing is that it tells the adult to only hold the hand of the child and let him or her do the work. this program responds to the child and learns with the child. So if something is too easy, the next task will be harder or the other way around. If the parent help the child, the program won’t be able to learn the child’s reading level which will not allow him or her to learn what he or she needs to learn.

This program is geared toward the child and not the adult. So even the instructions to the adult are done in a cute manner to hold the child’s attention. Since we all know that kids can have a very short attention span, I  am hopeful that this will help with that.

The first lessons are fairly simple so the program can begin to learn where your child i at. I Think this program will help in many ways. I know that it’s geared toward reading, but I think the child’s spelling will grow with this program as well because the first lesson is finding the word and clicking the letters for the word.

I think this program would be a wonderful help for those children who may be struggling with reading or those who just need a little extra practice.

You can go check it out at :

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  1. We love reading your blog! Your distinctive perspective and real voice have an impact in the world. Keep sharing, because your words matter. Thank you for being yourself!

    Thanks – TheDogGod

  2. This program sounds very beneficial to those kids struggling with reading. Much like myself when I was younger. Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Had to come back for another look. I like how ‘cutesy’ the animation is for this program, but it’s not overly childish either. Very nice!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on Reading Kingdom. It’s always great to hear about educational resources that can help children improve their reading skills. I appreciate your thorough review of the program, including the ease of use and interactive features. It’s also helpful to know that the program offers assessments to track progress and personalized lessons for individual learners.
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  5. There are some great educational programmes available to help kids these days.

  6. Technology is a real winner here as this is a great way to help the younger kids to read! I love this ad so have to check it out for my niece 😉 Than you for sharing!

  7. This is really great! I’m sharing this to my sister for her son. I’m sure my nephew will learn a lot from this!

  8. I love programs that can help kids. We lucky that we have a lot of new methods to improve our life and this program is one of these!

  9. This looks fun and educational which is so great for kids today. They certainly love screen time so at least they’re working on reading and spelling!

  10. I really enjoyed reading your post about the Reading Kingdom program! Your personal experience and detailed explanation of the program’s features were very informative. It’s great to see a blogger who is passionate about helping children learn and develop their reading skills. Keep up the fantastic work!

  11. Wow! This sounds like a really great and awesome program! Can’t wait to check this out for my kids

  12. Aw this sounds cute and educational! My grandaughter would love this program and use it all the time.

  13. I had seen this before but not gotten any details on it then. Any program that helps kids learn while having fun is so very amazing to me.. so thanks for sharing the info on this. Will share with parents with younger kids

  14. That sounds like an awesome program for the kiddos. It is great it helps them learn to read!

  15. This sounds like a great reading program. I will have to tell my daughter about it.

  16. Sounds like a great program. I love seeing these type of reading programs for kids because there are so many children struggling to read. My friend son is one of those kids, I’m going to share this with her.

  17. All children read at their own pace. Some pick it up faster then others. For me it was tough when I was young. But that drive me to try harder and I quickly learned to love reading. Thanks for sharing!

  18. My nieces are starting to learn to read and I think this is a great program for them.

  19. Sounds like a great way of using technology productively to help children learn. I applaud the way it suggests that the adult is there with the child, quietly supporting, rather than just leaving them to get on with it themselves

  20. I’ve been looing for something to take on our beach vacation this summer to help the kids with their reading. Based on this review it seems Reading Kingdom would be something they would look forward to.

  21. Your article about Reading Kingdom is wonderful! You provided a thorough overview of the program’s features and how it can benefit young learners. Your personal experience with the program added a nice touch, and the inclusion of testimonials from other users was helpful. Thank you for sharing this valuable resource for parents and educators.

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