New Year New Goals

I am really struggling right now. Usually I have put together my goals for the next year, but this year everything is up in the air. Either we are going to sell the property or we are going to stay if we can save it. We are trying so hard to save it, but it’s not looking good at this point in time. We have a barn up for sale that would give us the amount needed to keep it but if it doesn’t sell soon, I will have to sell the property.


I’m extremely attached to the property as it was my Dad’s but I really would like to go somewhere that people aren’t so close. We are on an acre but they are long rather than square so the neighbors are like right outside my doors it seems. If they fight, we know it close. So I’m kind of torn on what to do at this point.

Barn 2

I keep thinking that somewhere new would be a nice change, but it’s my Dad’s property. He left it to me when he passed in 2020. I just feel like we are stuck right now though and I don’t like that at all. However, with everything being up in the air, I can’t work on goals for the new year yet either. So this means that everything will be so far behind by the time we get everything figured out.



What would you do in this situation? Leave me a comment and let me know.

Have a great day!


16 thoughts on “New Year New Goals

  1. Good luck with your decisions. I know how hard it can be when things belonged to your parents. We just sold my mom’s house after she passed, but it was the right thing. Take care.

  2. That would be a hard one for me as well. I’m sure even if you sold it, it would be okay. Sometimes it is the best choice for yourself.

  3. I know its hard decision but if its for the best and fro your family then it’s a great decision to make.

  4. This is such a very tight spot you are in now! It would be best to consult also to your loved ones regarding the matter and then make it a family decision from there it will be mutual with everyone!

  5. Hi Renee,
    Putting down your thoughts, needs, desires, prioritizing them for your needs and current situation would make it so much easier for you to begin small steps to implement your life.
    You feel helpless and hanging in the middle of nowhere as you do not have an action plan. Getting one for you would be a saving grace for your peace of mind.
    And where there’s calm and peace, come good decision-making steps.
    Hold on and believe in your abilities and strength to do what needs to be done. But you need a PLAN.

  6. Hi Renee , I read your blog more than once because I could feel the situation you are facing. Remember, what made our parents happy may not necessarily make us happy or fulfill our needs. You clearly stated what you would like to do in the 2nd paragraph… you want to move. So, why not start there? I know, trust me, it’s not easy to let go of some things but when you do and you are in a happier place and a happier situation you will soon see what you were missing. It’s stressful now… lose the stress but hold on to the wonderful memories of your dad, carry them with you, they will never leave you.
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  7. I am behind on my goal setting myself and hope you are doing OK now. I hope you love your new space and have as much of it as you want!

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