Kid Update

The girls are growing so very fast. They are becoming wonderful Does now, well Doelings anyway. When they hit a year old they will then be considered Does. Until then, I will continue to update on their progress. We had to move them because they could get into the pen with the bucks. At around 6 months they start going into heat and we don’t little ones that young to become pregnant so we had to move them away from the adults.

Growing Girls


They are not happy about this move because they are no longer with momma any more. They are by themselves for the time being. They will be by themselves until the next kids move in with them. The next kids should start coming around February. So we are moving everyone around and trying to get ready for kidding now. Hopefully we have 2 does that are carrying and should drop in February.

Girls pen

We haven’t had any bucks born here in the last few years so I’m kinda hoping we get at least one this year but we’ll have to wait and see. The girls new area is where the cows were at last year. They got the pen now since we don’t have the cows any longer. It was easier to move them rather than try to make the area they were in escape proof because these two have shown they can be pretty crafty so we just moved them to the front yard instead.

Growing Girls

I can’t wait to continue to watch these two grow and become adults. I can’t wait to see what their babies will look like in a few years. I am looking forward to working with them and seeing what they will become.

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13 thoughts on “Kid Update

  1. The goats are super cute! I’m glad to see they are doing well! Separation from the mom is the hardest step for any young animal, I hope the tradition will be smooth!

  2. They are adorable! I would love to have goats and I’ve always thought it was so cute that they’re called kids when they’re young.

  3. I really appreciate you sharing us about them, I’m glad they’re doing great they look so cute!

  4. How cute are the kids. I think it so cool to be able to care for animals when you have the space and resources.

  5. I just love this and how adorable are they!!! I would love to have some for myself… and chickens!

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