Ski Socks

I received these Ski Socks for free or at a discount for my honest review. If you would like to see my full disclosure please click here.

I gave these to my husband because they looked like they would fit him better than me. The company sent a couple pair to try out and he likes them. He said they keep his feet warm even when it’s really cold outside. He said they hug his feet and don’t allow his feet to move around in his shoes like other socks do.

The only bad thing he had to say about these socks is that they try to take out the inside of the shoe when he takes his shoes off. Other than that, he seems to really like them. The colors are really nice too. We got a blue and a pink. The main part of the sock is gray and the colors are on the top and sides. They look very warm and seem be very well made.  I’m sure he’ll be wearing these for a while to come.

You can get these socks on Amazon here:

I would love to know if you have these and what you think about them or if you are thinking about making the purchase. I’m sure you’ll love them too if you do.

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15 thoughts on “Ski Socks

  1. I am always on the lookout for a good pair of ski socks. My husband is so picky about what he wears in his ski boots. Thanks for the review – will check these out!

  2. A good pair of socks is always important for any sport. These socks look very warm for skiing.

  3. Sounds like a great pair of socks. I can always use a good pair. They look like they’d keep you very warm while skiing.

  4. Those ski socks look really cool! I love to where high socks, especially in the winter when it’s cooler outside. I may have to check these out!

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