Feeding on a Budget: Goats

Feeding goats can be so very expensive. This year we have come into some hard times and had to find other ways to feed the goats. Hay has gotten so expensive here we almost can’t afford it, but we can’t afford enough to get through the entire month so we have supplementing with other ways of feeding them to keep them healthy.

Feeding on a budget

Aarron has gotten a hold of our local feed store and has been able to clean up their hay storage area. So yes this is hay that has been on the ground, but it’s still good hay. There is no mold in what we keep from cleaning the hay area. We are picky on what we keep to make sure that we won’t make our goats sick, but there is still a lot of good usable hay. We get this for free because Aarron is providing a service for them by keeping their hay area clean.

Feeding on a budget 2

Another thing that we do, is let the goats out into the main yard so they can clean up brush. I know they can be picky eaters and mine usually are. You will have to watch them because they will go after everything you don’t want them to eat first. If you have any fruit trees or bushes, make sure they are blocked off. If you have a garden, make sure the goats can’t get into it because if they can, they will.

Finally we supplement with fruits and veggies from the house and the garden. Of course you want to make sure that where ever you get these from don’t use pesticides and other chemicals because these can affect your goats. You want to make sure you have clean organic foods when you give it to your goats.

Of course we still buy them hay every chance we can but this has helped us to make sure they were fed at all times. If you have any other ideas on how to feed goats on a budget I would love to hear them.

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16 thoughts on “Feeding on a Budget: Goats

  1. I know feeding anyone on a budget can be tough. We have chickens and ducks and sometimes that gets hard just to feed them too.

  2. I hate how expensive everything is lately. Sounds like you’ve found good ways to feed them on a budget!

  3. I really need to share this on my husband and my father. What a really great and helpful tips you have here!

  4. I have always wanted to have a couple of goats. We have been saving for a farm of our own but I can not get much information on the actual costs of different animals, this is really helpful.

  5. Maybe asking friends or neighbors, that don’t use pesticides or fertilizer sprays, if you could have their lawn mower clippings- if they have the kinds of mowers that shoots it into a bag to be emptied, or even asking if you could rake up the clippings if they don’t want to keep it as mulch? It seems like it could be a mutually beneficial situation, too!
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  6. I grew up on a farm with goats. They are so much fun but yes need a good care routine. These are great tips for staying on budget!

  7. My cousin is thinking about adopting some goats. I’ll let her know about these budget-friendly options to help make them more affordable.

  8. They say where there is a will, there is a way. Those are very smart and efficient ways to feed your goats. Everything is expensive these days.

  9. It is so important to have a budget… even when you have the extra funds. I can imagine it can be pricey to feed them all so its understandable and I applaud you for budgeting!

  10. It is so important to be creative with your budget. I’m so proud of your family for stepping up and finding ways to be able to get the supplies along with the feed that you needed to take care of your animals. Great job Keep up the good work.
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