Battlefield Earth

Battlefield Earth

I’m giving Battlefield Earth a shout-out. If you liked Dune, Lord of the Rings, Enders Game or the Foundation series, you’ll love it. Brandon Sanderson calls it “a masterpiece,” Neil Gaiman said it’s “un-put-downable,” and it’s a Hugh Howey favorite.

Author: L. Ron Hubbard

Title: Battlefield Earth

Genre: Science Fiction


Have you read the epic alien invasion novel Battlefield Earth?

This is one of the sci-fi classics like Dune, The Foundation Trilogy, and Ender’s Game. It could even be compared with Star Wars and Star Trek in terms of epic space opera adventure.

This year marks the 40th Anniversary, I want to give it a shout-out.

It is also a major motion picture. You may have heard of it. It is one of John Travolta’s favorite sci-fi books, so he made the movie with Forrest Whittaker and it was directed by Roger Christian. Movies are never as good as the book, but this one has an average of over 3.8 stars on Amazon (not bad!).

The unabridged audio has thousands of 5-star reviews on Audible.

Here is the Amazon description:

Sadistic Aliens…


…Man is an endangered species.


Is it the end of the world or the rebirth of a new one?


In the year A.D. 3000, Earth is a post-apocalyptic wasteland. The great cities stand crumbling as a brutal reminder of what we once were. When the aliens invaded, all the world’s armies mustered little resistance against their advanced weapons.


Now, all that stands between mankind and total extinction is Jonnie Goodboy Tyler—the courageous young warrior determined to rally the scattered tribes of humanity in an all-out battle for freedom.


The fate of the Galaxy lies on the Battlefield of Earth.


Get it now.


This book is LOVED by other great authors. Here is what a few of them have to say:


“Pulse-pounding mile-a-minute sci-fi action-adventure that does not stop. It is a masterpiece of popular adventure science fiction.” —Brandon Sanderson (Way of Kings)


“Over 1,000 pages of thrills, spills, vicious aliens and noble humans. Un-put-downable.” —Neil Gaiman (Good Omens)

“A character-driven epic that grabs you from the start and never lets go. A compulsively-readable science-fiction tour de force, complete with breathtaking action, non-stop adventure.” —Douglas E. Richards (Unidentified)


“Battlefield Earth is one of my favorite works of science fiction ever. I’ve probably read it eight times or so. It’s always in my top five. It’s really brilliant.” —Hugh Howey (author of Wool)

“Battlefield Earth is a terrific story! A masterpiece.” —Robert A. Heinlein (Starship Troopers)

“Non-stop and fast-paced. Every chapter has a big bang-up adventure.” —Kevin J. Anderson (co-author of the Dune Sagas)

“With great heroes, battles, wonders, and interstellar intrigue, this is a book that you won’t put down.” —David Farland (Star Wars novels)

So read it (or listen to it)!


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  1. I think I’ve mentioned once before on another post that I’m not a huge science fiction fan; but so far all of your book recommendations have caught my interest. One of these days I’ll take the time to check them out!

  2. I so would love to read tis one! I am clicking on the link next to purchase as I am always looking for a new good read 😉

  3. Wow! This looks like an amazing book to read, the title gives curiosity to us! Loved checking this out!

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