Tucson Water Company – Update

You may remember our issue with Tucson Water from a couple weeks ago.  Well we finally got it resolved and our water is back on. However, it was a hard won fight. I talked to so many people at the water company and couldn’t get anywhere. The way it finally ended was my daughter going into the office to talk to someone.

At first they told her that they couldn’t do anything because we had to call their tampering line. My daughter explained that we had been doing that every day for the last 2 weeks and no one ever called back so she finally decided to try to help.

Even though on the voicemail I left my number, the number the lady said they called was not the number I left. Mind you, I even left my husbands number and my daughter’s number telling them the number on the account was not active any longer in the message. But they never tried calling any of the numbers left in the voicemail.

So the lady at the office was finally able to get the fine paid and the water started again. It took 2 weeks of trying to do it the way they wanted it done to come to the conclusion that they didn’t want it to work that way because they wouldn’t call back. The only way we were able to get it taken care of was by physically going to the office and making a fuss about it there.

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19 thoughts on “Tucson Water Company – Update

  1. Iam so glad you got the eater back on but they sound like schmucks if you asked me. I feel like people are so oblivious these days and cannot do their job correctly. Very sorry but glad you have you r stare back on! I would go crazy!

  2. We had an issue like that in a house we purchased. We were told we would have to pay all the back water bills, which was a couple of years, or our water wouldn’t be turned on. WHAT???? Needless to say, we ended up not having to pay that bill after many days of talking.

  3. Glad you got everything sorted out. I suppose customer service at utility companies are the same wherever you are — so much room for improvement!

  4. How frustrating. It can be hard to be without water in your home. We had a leak in our home and the water had to be shut off for a couple of days.

  5. So glad you got that sorted out. I will tell you customer service is lacking now days! I have experienced it a lot with my bank lately!

  6. Oh wow, that is such good news. I’m so pleased for you. What a nightmare. Lucky your daughter went in from the sound of it!

  7. It’s super annoying when companies make something so small, such a big deal. Even worse, I’m sure, with something like the water. Geez. Glad it all got straightened out.

  8. That is so frustrating and annoying when things like this happened. I’m glad that you got everything sorted out

  9. Two weeks for them to get the water back on after you paid everything is unacceptable. How in the world did you deal with no water for that period of time especially the animals.

    • We have great neighbors in the area. They allowed us to use some of their water to make sure we got through. Luckily we had a tank we could put on a trailer to be able to get 250 gallons at a time.

  10. I am really sad you had this problem. Dealing with these agencies is never easy because they put too much on automation. Glad you got it resolved.

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