Kid Update

So the girls are 3 months old now and still going strong. We’ve had our ups and downs but they are great. Their personalities are coming out so well now. Diamond is the outgoing one while Honeysuckle seems to hang back to make sure all is good before she’ll come interact with others. Honeysuckle likes to weight the situation before making a move. It’s the cutest thing because you can tell she is trying to decide if she wants in on the action or not.


Diamond is the more outgoing one and loves to get into trouble. Just today she got out of her pen and got into a fenced area where we are growing their food. She was having a ball eating all that she could. Thankfully she is still small so she couldn’t eat the whole field but she sure gave it a go today.

Honeysuckle stays in her pen like she is supposed to. That or she just hasn’t figured out how to get out of it yet. I’m not sure which. But they are both growing like weeds and living their best life. Or as best as we can give them any how. I think it’s been decided (by my daughter Kira) that we will be keeping them. She doesn’t want to give up Honeysuckle because she bottle fed her from birth and has been there since the very day they started life.



So we will continue to watch them grow and thrive. We will continue to give them the best care that we can. We will continue to play with them and feed them their snacks that they so love. We will continue to watch over them until they are adults and can run with their momma and the other does.

Have a great day!


20 thoughts on “Kid Update

  1. It must be wonderful watching them grow and take on personalities of their own! For a moment, I must admit, I forgot that I was reading about goats until I got to their names, LOL! It’s been a long week.

  2. I am so intrigued by goats. Diamond sounds like a handful – LOL. and Honeysuckle seems like your little sweetie. I love that they have such defined and different personalities.

  3. I always enjoy and and have fun everytime I read your post! How I wish we also had a farm like yours!

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