New Babies on the Farm

On the 5th of July, our goat Desi had 2 kids. I am so excited to introduce them to you! I love having babies on the farm because it reminds us that life is renewable in the form of the new babies born every year. Of course this also reminds us that death is a part of life as well because without life, there would be no death. However, when the new babies are born, we focus on the new life to try to make sure they get the best start to life.

This is Diamond and Honeysuckle. They are so very sweet already and very eager to take the bottle. It took them a little bit to get there but finally they are there. They both have very different personalities as well. Diamond is a little reserved (except when you have her bottle) and Honeysuckle is more outgoing and rambunctious.

Yet when Kira comes around Honeysuckle just wants to be held and snuggled with. It’s the cutest thing I have ever seen.

Diamond is all white with a brown spot on her side and a black spot on her tail. She gets the black from momma and the white from both momma and daddy. I’m not sure who carries the brown though but it showed up on both of these babies.

Honeysuckle has brown that goes around her head to cover her eyes as well but otherwise is white. Her momma is black and white while dad is purely white so I’m not sure which one carries the brown gene, but apparently one of them does.




They spent the first week of life in my house because it was so very hot this year. They were having trouble with the heat. They are now full time outside though. I can’t wait to see how these girls are gonna grow.

Have a great day!



28 thoughts on “New Babies on the Farm

  1. Wow! They are the cutest, and the charm it’s like unparallel. Loved it too! Hope to get mine in the near future!

  2. The kids are totally adorable. I’ll be honest, I had to look up why kids might seem to be missing ears and I didn’t realize it was a genetic trait for this breed!

  3. These sound so amazing and cute little sweet babies. I love to see new additions of farm animals being born. Because I grew up on a farm.

  4. Oh my! My son would be so happy to see this! He really love animals! They’re all look so cute!

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