Ways to Make Money on the Farm

So one of the things I got asked quite often is how do you make money on your farm or your homestead. There’s actually several ways that this can be done. The most common is by selling your surplus this could be eggs animals or produce out of your garden.

The other way as by using what your animals provide you to make other items such as soap moisturizer Cheese and other Dairy items. These are probably the most common ways to make money on your farm.The next ideas are to get creative. You can make all kinds of stuff out of most peoples trash. If you know how to weld you can use any scrap metal and make different things towel holders paper towel holders toilet paper holders magazine racks you can come up with so many different things that you can make out of scrap metal.

If you can crochet you can do blankets or scarves or hats or beanies or dolls any number of things that can be done with yarn. Or if you’d like woodworking you could do something with that you could make signs you could make wreaths to hang on the door.


There are really so many different ways that you could make money on your farm. A little hard work and a lot of creativity can bring quite a bit of money in.  Still it may not be enough to live on but it can be a big help in the long run.


Have a great day!


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