Summer Babies

So we’ve had issues having babies in the winter time so we changed our breeding to later in the year so that we have spring or summer babies instead of winter.

This year it appears that we have two pregnant goats and a pregnant cow. We are so excited about the new babies that should be arriving in the next couple of months. And can’t wait for them to get here.

When we were having babies in the winter we kept losing them because it was too cold. I don’t have room in my house to bring life stock inside so they had to stay outside and the only heat source I have for them are the heat lamps. I am not willing to risk of fire so we don’t use those other than for the baby chicks.

So the only other option was to start having the babies later in the year. So this July everyone is due. And I can’t wait to see all the babies that will be here on the farm.


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17 thoughts on “Summer Babies

  1. I never thought about the everyday decisions that you have to make to do things like this. A very interesting read, I love it! Can’t wait to see the summer babies!!!

  2. They are so cute. It must be lovely when the babies come and are running around the place. They can be really funny.

  3. It’s definitely a great idea and very logical. Having a baby in weather that everyone is having a hard time it’s just a wise choice to postpone the baby until the season that’s best!

  4. Farm animal babies are so cute. I once saw a baby goat born and watching it nurse on it’s mama was the sweetest thing ever.

  5. Aww, baby goats are so cute! I bet it was a big transition to move them from winter babies to summer babies. But a good decision to keep them warm!

  6. Wow! They are so cute and adorable! We also can’t wait to see the babies, please let us know when we can see them!

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