New Fence Part 2

So, last week I posted about the new fence we put up in the back yard. So far it’s working great now that Aarron added his modification. The goats are finally staying put in their area like they are supposed to and they can no longer get to the chicken feed.

So for now everyone is good. The picture above and below show the fence before Aarron added the modification to the fence. We had to try to figure out how they were getting into the chicken area. After watching them for a short time, we found they were crawling under the bottom of the fence.

My Astra was the only one that was not crawling under the fence. I think it may just be because she doesn’t want to get dirty, whereas Desi and her babies are always into something. This was just the next thing they saw to do what they aren’t supposed to do.

Aarron had some wrought iron scraps laying around that fit the bill perfectly to fix the fence so the girls can’t get under it. He welded these pieces to the bottom of the fence and so far Desi and her girls have not been able to get under the fence or into the chicken area but the chickens can still get to the entire yard to free range. I love that my husband is so resourceful.

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14 thoughts on “New Fence Part 2

  1. That was a really great fence, I think we must also put some fence on our small farm. I enjoy reading this thanks for sharing!

  2. I think it looks great. We have some chickens and ducks and need a new fence. I’m looking forward to the day we get around to getting a fence, but for now we have other projects to work on.

  3. A good fence is essential to keep the animals from straying. I’d love to be able to have goats etc but there is no space where we are.

  4. Looks amazing and I want to install a wood fence along the edge of our property as there is a bear that keeps getting into our garbage!

  5. The fence is very essential, they keep and manage the boundary we want to keep! Great fence, the minimalist design makes it beautiful! Loved it!

  6. I am so glad for your new fence. It’s so important to have a good one when you have animals!

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