Garden Hose

If there is one thing on this homestead that frustrates me so much it would have to be the garden hose. It seems like after you use one for a month or so, then it will kink on you every time you more around. We have a long hose (25 foot) in the back that we use to keep water for the animals. Every time I move it, it kinks and drives me crazy. I move the hose and then have to go find where it kinked at so that I can water the next animal. It’s so  frustrating. That and the hoses break so easy.

This company, Eley Hose Reels, claims to have a hose that won’t do this. I would love to try this out because I know that if a hose will kink, it will be in my backyard. They claim this hose won’t kink and will last for a long time. They are so sure of this that they have a 10 year warranty on their hoses. Of course this doesn’t cover misuse or abuse, but regular use is covered. They say their hoses won’t break or kink.

Because of this, I think I may have to purchase this hose and put this warranty to the test because with my history with garden hoses, if it is going to kink or break, I can do it. Go check out the best garden hose that may be available today.  They also carry other hose related items such as hose reels and other watering tools.

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