What Do I Do?

So today we are supposed to tell you what we do. Well, I run our homestead and sell different products that we make here. Mostly we sell the animals to others who are wanting to either raise or show the animals in like 4-H or FFA. I like to know that my animals are going to a place where they will be cherished and even spoiled (even if they will become meat in the freezer at a later date). I want to know that these animals will be cared for in the manner they become accustomed to here.

This is simply because I believe that animals should be well cared for no matter what their purpose is. I know that I can’t always protect these animals once they leave but I do try to make sure they have a good life for the time they are alive because they deserve it.

We also sell different products that we produce here such as milk, cheeses and vegetables out of our garden. If we have anything left that we can’t or don’t sell, we usually will either can them for later use or send them to the food bank so that people who need them have the opportunity to get fresh good food as well. We always try to grow a little to send to the food bank because we feel that we should.

I love our life here on the farm/homestead and wouldn’t trade it for the world. We work to try be as self-sufficient as possible as well as being able to help those around us.

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16 thoughts on “What Do I Do?

  1. Sounds wonderful to me. We have chickens and ducks, and I hope to add more someday. I would absolutely love to have a goat too. Farm animals are the best.

  2. That is absolutely wonderful! I can somehow relate to this cause we also have a small farm. I enjoy reading this

  3. wow! I am so glad that you are doing what you like. I can feel the passion in your words and how much you care!

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