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I received the analysis from Check my body health for free or at a discount for my honest review. To see my full disclosure click here.

I was approached by Check My Body Health to get an analysis on what my body is sensitive to and I jumped at the chance to do this. I have wanted to see about this for a while and have even been thinking about asking my doctor about this. So I was very excited to do this.

I got my results the other day and I am working on the elimination phase of determining what is affecting my health. This was easy to do. You sign up on their website and pay for the test. They email you the information to get the test done, which consists of sending a hair sample to them. I got an email when they received my sample and again with my results. This is a very detailed report. I thought it would just be about food sensitivities but it also includes metals, and other sections.


I read through all the information. This is a very detailed report. They tell you what has a high reactivity level, a moderate reactivity level and no reactivity level. They go through every food type you can think of and tell you which ones your body reacted to. I am now working on the elimination phase where you remove the high reactivity foods for a month. This allows the food to get out of your system all the way. Then you start adding them back one by one to determine how you react to the individual item.

In doing this, you are able to determine what products are not good for your system. This allows you to put back those items that don’t seem to bother you while completely removing those that do. I will keep you updated on this as I start the reintroduction phase next month.  If you would like to have this done you can sign up here:

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14 thoughts on “Check my Body Health

  1. Wow, I was looking for something like this to help my daughter with foods that she is reacting to. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  2. Hmm! This looks like an amazing thing to do! To check our body’s health condition! For us to know what needs to be done and change for the better! Loved this, thanks!

  3. I’ve done something similar to this and what a difference it has made in my body. There were things I shouldn’t have been eating and now I feel so much better.

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