Kids on the Farm

Oh my gosh, the kids are growing so fast. It’s hard to believe they are almost 2 months old now. It seems to me that they are growing faster than our last girls though. These two are getting pretty big pretty quick which has really surprised me.

I absolutely adore these two. They are up for sale, but if they don’t sell soon I may change my mind on this. They are so adorable and I’m sure they are driving their mommy nuts at this point. She can’t go anywhere without them or they start to scream when she isn’t right next to them. The family dynamic is fun to watch though.

One of the girls is all white (Snowball) and the other has two cream spots on her head and one on her chest (Buttercup). I thought I was going to lose them both when they were first born because it was so hot. I found one (Snowball) laying on her side barely breathing. Buttercup was up and alert but struggling to breath a little, I believe from the heat. It was 109 on the day they were born.

I brought them in the house to cool them down. I finally got some colostrum into them about an hour later. Buttercup did not want a bottle. She wanted mamma from the beginning. I was hoping that Mamma would take them back when it cooled down at the end of the day. I am so thankful that she did. However, these two are a little skittish around people because they have been dam raised from the beginning.

They are getting better around people but it is slow going. They love to play and jump which is so adorable to watch. We have a couple tables in their yard that they like to play “kind of hill” on. The energy these two have is amazing.

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