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Did you know you can buy vape juice online?  West Coast Vape Supply lets you do just that. My daughter swears by this company. She orders from them at least once most months. She says that their prices are great and they usually have in stock what she wants. She said the only downside is it takes a little longer for shipping. So don’t wait until you are almost out to order. Make sure to give it a few extra days.


The first time you order, you have to show proof of age (that your old enough to buy this) by uploading your license or ID card, but she said this is just the first order. You shouldn’t have to do this every time.  I was just looking over the website and they have so many choices for the flavor. They have everyday flavors like strawberry watermelon to some strangely named juices as well. So I’m sure there will something there that you will enjoy.

This company has been around since 2013, so they seem to know what they are doing. The offer low prices and great deals which keeps people coming back to them over and over.  They also have the hardware to get you started. They sell a few starter kits at decent prices from what I can tell. This company is the only one my daughter will order from. She loves their stuff and said their juice is amazing. So make sure you check them out at

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