Ultimate Blog Challenge Day 17

Today we are to list the top 5 blog that we read, or that you should be reading. I have more than 5 so I may revisit this topic later, but to start with I just wanted to go through the 5 websites that I have found most helpful to me on my homesteading journey. So here we go:

1. Homesteading Family – I love this blog because they have some amazing information and recipes for homesteaders. Well not even just homesteaders, for anyone really.

2. Better Hens and Gardens – This site also has amazing information. I look forward to these posts because I learn something new every time I read the blog.

3.  Mama on the Homestead – This blog is wonderful because she goes into more than just her homestead but life in general. I have found so much good information on this site though.

4. Melissa Knorris – This is another site that I just love. She has more than just a blog though. She also does classes to teach the skills you may need on your homestead.

5. The Organic Goat Lady – This site has saved my butt a time or two. She raises goats organically and doesn’t rely on medicines and vaccinations to keep her goats healthy. She  also has some courses on raising goats.

And that is a rap! That is my short list of blogs that I am reading right now. I love each one for very different reasons and they all provide great information that I use almost daily.

Have a great day!


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