Ultimate Blog Challenge Day 10

10 Things you Need For Goats

  1. Accessible Water-  I say this is number one because you are not going to want to try to haul water anywhere on your property. I say this from experience. Before Aarron ran a water line to the back yard I was using a 5 gallon bucket to haul water about 50 feet. It sucks.
  2. Food Trough or bowl – You are going to want something off the ground otherwise there will be a lot of hay waste. Many goats will not eat hay that has touched the ground. I don’t know why this is, but it is.
  3.  Water Trough or Bowl – This is probably more important than the food bowl because without water they will die. You will need something that is a decent size or you will be out there watering them all day long – especially in the summer time.
  4. Harness or collar – This is a need because they are not easy to get a hold of sometimes. You will need something to grab them by when they go to get past you. Many people recommend a halter rather than a collar because they can get the collar hung up on things and it could choke them. I have not had this issue so use your best judgement on this one.

  5. Lead – I use my leads every day. It is helpful when you need to move them from one place to            another.

6. Hoof Trimmers – Even if you are planning on having someone else come do the hooves, it is a good idea to have these on hand because you never know when you will have to emergency trimming for one reason or another.

7. Hoof File – for the same reason as above, you just never know if you will need it. I would rather have it on hand and not need it than need it and not have it.

8.  Shelter – This doesn’t have to be fancy. Just somewhere they can go that is out of the weather and out of the sun.  Something with three sides is preferable.

9. Pasture grass or hay – They should have hay or pasture grass available all the time. Goats are browsers by nature so they have to have browse available.

10. Fencing – This one is also super important because they will constantly test your fencing and if they find a weakness you will be collecting your goats from your neighbor or somewhere else they are not supposed to be.

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