Ultimate Blog Challenge Day 4

So today’s post about what we have been doing for the last 20 months during the pandemic. I have to say the most things here has not changed. The only thing that has changed since the pandemic started is we don’t leave the house as much. We go into town once a week for grocery shopping pick up any other supplies that we need at that time and that’s about it.

We used to try to go to town couple times a week just to get away from the house for a bit since the pandemic started we have not done that. We just make sure that the animals are taken care of and of course the humans are taken care of. We only go to town for groceries and supplies now. I guess we’ve just tried to stay away from most people so that we have a lesser chance of getting the virus. If we do go indoors anywhere when you do where Our masks. If we’re outdoors we don’t really worry about it too much unless there’s a lot of people around.

So for us not a lot has really changed which I guess is a good thing. The grandkids still get to play outside and we still take care of her animals and the garden we just don’t go to town much. Course with the way people are getting nowadays not really thrilled when we do have to go to town so it’s not a big deal to not go.For the most part we have everything we need here anyways so I don’t really miss going to town.

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