Ultimate Blog Challenge Starts today

OK, this month is gonna be a little different. I have entered the ultimate blog challenge it starts today. So this month I will be trying to post every day for 31 days. All of the photos this month will be mine. And you will notice there is now a watermark on them because somebody decided to use one of my pictures without giving credit.

The purpose of this challenge is to become more consistence in your blogging. I know that I have been fairly consistent lately but I want to get better. However with my work schedule I’m gonna be a little difficult because he’s supposed to post every day. I am hoping to get up early enough before work to be able to make sure that my post goes out early that day every day but if I do happen to get up late then my post will be made later in the afternoon early evening after I get done with work.

I’ve also started something new on my YouTube channel where I’m asking for questions from my viewers and audience about homesteading. It can be any question that you would like an answer to. if I don’t know the answer I will find it otherwise everything will be from my experience. So if you have any questions that you would like answered just leave me a comment below and ask me your question and I will get to it. I will be posting one video every week, at least one, if needed I could always do another depending on how many questions I get.

If you would like to join the ultimate blog challenge visit ultimateblogchallenge.com all you need is an email to sign up. There is a Facebook group to join to help with views and just to kind of network with other bloggers. So it should be a lot of fun and I look forward to seeing any of you there that would like to join in.


Have a great day!



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