Garden Progress

The garden this year has been a bust. It has been so hot and we are under such severe drought conditions that the water needed couldn’t be justified so we had to let it go. We have had a few successes though. But they have been minimal. I think the only part of self-sufficient that we have going right now is the animals.

Yup, that is the garden. The big, green, supple garden we had last year is all brown now.

Although the rain we have had recently has put a little green back in there, but I still don’t think it will be enough to do any good as far as the drought is concerned. Even though this has been the wettest July on record for the past 70ish years ( I think that is the number), it still won’t be enough to get us out of these drought conditions.

The back area behind the house is looking good though. We have tobacco, tomatoes, sunflowers, and a pumpkin back there. I think there are even a couple bean plants. This area is growing great and doesn’t take much water because the sun isn’t on most of the day so the ground stays a little wetter than other areas in the yard.

We also have one watermelon and a squash plant that are doing amazing. This was surprising because they are in full sun all day long. So the fact that they are still growing amazes me every day. Talk about fighters! They are not giving up.



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