New Work Space

I’m really excited about my new space! I started working this week and I will be working from home. However, I needed somewhere to do the farm paperwork as well. The desk in the main house was ok, but everyone else we always putting everything there because it is a flat surface. I needed somewhere quite for working from home with no distractions, and let me tell you, the main house is nothing but distractions. So we moved me into our little house with a nice desk and chair to have my own little work haven.


I went to pick up my computer for work last week and over the weekend, hubby got everything set up for me and ready to go.

I really like this desk because it’s pretty basic. A couple spots for my folders. I place for my laptop and the work computer. So, it’s all set up now and I have started work this week. I am so looking forward to having a little extra money coming in now that I’m working again. This will also allow hubby, Aarron to focus on the house and yard as well and not have to worry about taking side jobs that take him away from the property.

I still have to bring out my folders for my animal and farm paperwork, but this is basically what it looks like now with the addition of my laptop in the blank space there. I have to say that it is really nice to have somewhere to go when I need to work that is quite and clean. I don’t have move all kinds of stuff out of the way to be able to get to what I need.

Have a great day!


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