Aarron is Making a Fan

So, neither of us have been working for a while now and the fan motor on the AC went out. This is the worst possible time for this to happen as we are in the middle of summer and hitting 100 or more most days. So, Aarron went into creative mode. First he took the swamp cooler off the barn and put that on top of the AC to keep the air moving well and cooling the house. Then he started building.

He put this fan together in a few days. The hardest part was finding a cooler motor that would work to spin the fan. He used parts and metal that we have had here on the farm for a while so this cost us nothing to build. He did all from stuff we had around the house and in the yard. My barn will get it’s cooler back!

Once he got it on the AC though, it only worked for about 5 minutes. It does not like to be facing down. So while the idea was great and it does work, it just doesn’t work for what he made it for. He ended up using the ventilation fan that was on the barn and it works perfectly for now until we can get the motor here and get it on the AC.

So while this doesn’t work for what he originally wanted it to, it does work great as a fan. You just plug it in where ever you happen to need it at and it works great. I love how this man can just make things out of what we have here already. You have no idea how much money he has saved us in being able to do this.

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