New Kids on the Homestead

The kids have finally come! Desi was actually due on June 27th by my calculations, but true to doe form, she held them hostage for another 2 weeks. They were actually born on July 13th. Desi gave no clue to us that she would be kidding soon.

Of course she always seems to do things different from what is normal of does. She has no tells that she is in heat. She loves the milk stand, and she is a wonderful momma. The kids were born in the early afternoon and it was about 110 degrees outside. When I heard them, they were both in distress because of the heat.

I thought for sure we were going to lose snow ball (the all white one). She was not good. Just laying on the ground breathing hard. The other was breathing hard but was at least standing near momma. I did not think Snow Ball was going to make it. We took them in the  house to cool them off and try to get some colostrum into them. Desi was outside screaming like we were killing her. I’ve not had a doe be so dramatic about taking her kids away.

After it cooled down, we took them back to her. I thought sure she would do like my other and not take them back, but she took them without a thought. She immediately starting licking them and tending to them. I am so thankful that she took them back. Now they are doing amazing but she can’t feed them completely as one side of her udder has a double teat and the kids can’t get it into their mouths. So I think I will have to supplement with a couple bottles a day but so far they are doing amazing. I can’t wait to watch them grow.

Have a great day!


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