Progress on the Barn Build

I am getting more and more excited by the day! The barn is coming along nicely and will hopefully be done soon. Or at least the stalls will be done soon. However, Aarron has a few more ideas on what he wants to do with the barn, but I will wait to name them until they begin to happen.

So one stall is complete and the other 2 are very close. He still plans to put some tin on the outside wall and add insulation to make it a bit cooler in here.  He is sectioning the doors that they will open in sections rather than as one large door. This will allow us to open the top parts of the door so that there will be air flow all the time.

The door isn’t complete yet, but it’s getting there. I am so thankful to have a husband that is so handy with just about any type of tool and can make what he needs if he doesn’t already have it.

There are 2 separators that still need to go in between the stalls, but it’s definitely getting closer and I can’t wait. If you would like to see the progress you can click this link for the first post, and this link for the second post.

The back of the barn is part of the fence to the back yard. There will be doors there too so that we can take the girls in and out without having to go around to the gate on the other side of the barn. I am so excited about this build and look forward to seeing how it turns out.

Have a great day!


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