Setting up the Meat Birds

Holy Cow! Meat birds eat a lot! We didn’t have any luck the last time we tried meat birds, so I wasn’t sure they were going to last more than a few days here, however, they did and they are growing quickly. Of course I knew they would but it’s still surprising at how quick they actually do grow.

This will be their new shelter to grow in. We were having to fill their water about 20 times a day because it’s a small container for chicks and there are 20 of these babies. So I guess that shouldn’t have surprised me but it did. This will give them more room to grow and more room to move around. It also gives us more room for a bigger water and food bowl.

It is so nice to see them will more room, they were getting a bit cramped in the brooder. The last step will be to another pen that is about twice the size of this one where they continue the grow out until they are ready to process. We are going to do them a little early because it seems that if we try to wait to lose too many of them because of the heat and because of how quickly they grow.

I will try to keep updating on how they are doing and how they are growing but with everything else going on right now around here I’m not sure if I will remember or not. Have you grown meat birds? I would love to hear how well it worked or didn’t work for you. Leave a comment below and let me know.

Have a great day!


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