Meat Birds

So, I got a call from my daughter the other day telling me that TSC had chicks for .25 each! Now, I have just recently lowered my bird count from over 100 birds to just 12 birds. I did this because we were just going through way too much food and it was costing us more than we were making from the eggs we sell so I had to do something.

The guy that was helping her, then told her they are meat birds. I explained to her that meat birds do not live for very long. I told her that once they get big, they will start to die if we don’t process them for the freezer. She said she knew this. So I told her she could get a few if she was willing to learn how to process them.

What she did not tell me is that there were 21 meat birds and she was going to buy all of them! So we now have 21 meat birds that will need to be processed in several weeks. All I can say at this point is that I am glad Aarron will help doing this because that is a lot of birds to have to try to process on his own.

I guess we may be selling some processed chickens soon to help recoup the cost of the food. Thankfully they don’t live long enough to really make a dent in the food budget for the birds.

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