TV Mount is finally up!

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We got this TV Mount a couple months ago but things have been so crazy that it has just sat in the bedroom waiting it’s turn to be put up. Hubby finally was able to get to it. This means the shelf at the bottom of the bed no longer has to pulled out to hold the TV. This means that I can finally walk around to my side of the bed without having to bend down around said shelf.

It attaches to the wall and puts the television out of my way! I’m sure you can imagine how excited I was to see this going up yesterday. It seems that everything else was more important (animals and garden and such, so yeah more important).  But I am so thankful that the time for this project finally showed up.

The really nice thing about this TV mount is that you can also lean the tv up or down depending on how you need it for viewing. It is so nice to be able to move the tv to where we need it rather than us having to move to the television. I can’t tell how great it was to lay down and watch a movie last night with this being on the wall now.

It also moves in toward the wall and out away from the wall. So now I just have to remember to duck my head a little if the television is still out from watching a movie. No more ducking under the shelf though so I definitely call this a win.

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