Garden Progress

So, it has been brutally hot so far this year. I’m talking 110 and above most days so the garden hasn’t done very well this year. I haven’t managed to get any of my herbs growing so far.

The hydroponic system hasn’t started growing yet, but it’s only been a few days since planting these so I’m not worried about it just yet. We are hoping this will help us this year with all the heat but it remains to be seen just yet.

The peonies are doing fairly well so far. We had to move them again because the cats killed a few of them so they are inside the shaded area now as well with most everything else.

The lettuce and cabbage seem to be doing good since Aarron moved them. They haven’t died yet at least so there is still hope. The carrots are beginning to grow again so maybe we will get some this year that are bigger than fingerlings.

The sunflowers and tomatoes in the back are doing alright. We have no fruit growing yet so hopefully we will get some this year. Tomatoes seem to be pretty hard to do here as they usually freeze just before they are ripe. Although last year I did get a few green tomatoes for my fried green tomatoes. That was amazing since I hadn’t had them in quite a long time.

So considering the heat this year, I guess the garden is doing alright so far, but I just hope that we can keep them going until the monsoon season when it tends to cool things down a little bit.

Have a great day!



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