Gray Water Usage

In trying to conserve water we are looking at ways to use the gray water from the house. One way that Aarron came up with was to reroute the washing machine drainage from the septic to a large kiddie pool.


For the last few years we here in Arizona have been in severe drought so water is a premium resource right now. For that reason we are looking at ways we can reduce our water usage or reuse some of the waste water from the house, such as the washer and the sinks. Aarron set the washing machine up first and so far it has been a help to keep the hose off in the garden.

We are still looking at ways that we can filter the water better before using it for the trees and the garden. One thought has been a fish tank filter running on the trough that this will eventually run to. Aarron has also been working with a spa bubbler to see if that will get rid of the soap residue any better than a filter of some kind would.  No matter what we end up doing, we know that this going to help keep our water bill down too so that is always a plus when working on a farm or a homestead.

So far it seems to be working although the set up is no where near complete. We are still gathering parts to finish running it from this pool to the water trough as well so it may take a bit to get this all done but so far we have been able to keep up with the water used through the washer to this pool. I just hope this continues in the future. Once it’s all set up though it will be an automatic waterer for the garden or at least that is the plan at the moment.

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