Hydroponics Experimentation

Okay, so Aarron found some things laying around here and decided to make a hydroponics system with it in the shaded area in front of the house. I have tried my hand at hydroponics before but it was with an expensive system that I could never quite figure out how to use correctly. I thought at that point I was done with hydroponics and wouldn’t try it again…Well here goes.


So to hold the seeds he is using toilet paper rolls with soil in them and they are placed in the squares of a baby gate. The gate he took and put on top of a small kiddie pool with a grate underneath to keep the rolls at the right height.

He wrapped some nylons around the bottom of the rolls to  keep the soil in the tubes where it needs to be. The cardboard of the toilet paper rolls pulls the water in so that the soil will remain damp but not overly wet. We planted the seeds on Saturday so hopefully soon we shall begin to see some growth. Of course this is an experiment so we have no idea how well it will or will not work.

To keep the water moving, he used a cooler pump with a line attached to it to push the water through and move the water in the pool so that it doesn’t get stagnant. This time of year this would be a very bad thing as it would breed mosquitos and we get enough of them already so that water has to move.

I’ll keep you updated on this when I do my garden updates every month so you will know as I do whether this will work or not. Have you already tried this? I would love to know, leave a comment below and let me know.

Have a great day!


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