Making Mesquite Flour

On this journey, we are trying to be more self-sufficient.  This means using what the land provides for you. So, this year we are trying something new and hopefully it will be a success but we shall see. We have started collecting the mesquite beans this year to make flour. I am hoping to replace the flour we buy at the store for just one more thing we don’t have to buy.

We have let the beans dry for a few days in the baby pool and now Aarron is taking and running them through the chipper to make them smaller (so they will fit in the grinder). We are going to let them dry for another few days to a week and then they should be easier to shell.

The hard part is still going to be getting the seed out of the shell. It will take a bit of time and patience, which is sometimes short around here. Once we get the seeds out of the shell we can put them through the grinder to make the flour. I have my grinder already because I have been buying the wheat seed to grind for flour so this won’t be any added expense. In fact, if it works and we like the outcome, it will save us money right away.

If it works, and we like it I won’t have to order the whole wheat seed for grinding anymore so that will save us right off the bat about 40 dollars a month. No matter what happens, it will be well worth the try to see how this tastes and how well it will work. I will definitely update later to let ya know how well it worked and if we like this new flour.

Have you done this already? I would love to hear your experience with this. Leave me a comment below and let me know.

Have a great day!



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