Waiting on Kidding

Waiting on a kidding is one of the worst parts of being on a homestead or a farm. Your does will hold them babies hostage until the worst possible time and then decide to have them. Hopefully she won’t need assistance if you happen to be away from the home for a short time.

This is called the “doe code”. She will hold on to those babies until she has no choice but to deliver and it is usually not at a good time. Either you are busy doing something else or it will be in the wee hours of the morning or when you need to run to town to get supplies. No matter what, it always seems to work this way.

This girl is due any time now. We are trying to plan supply runs around her. Let me tell you this is not always an easy thing to do. Usually when kidding time gets close, I will stay home while Aarron goes to town. As some of you know, this too is not always easy. I feel like when kidding gets close I don’t leave the home for at least a couple weeks so by the time the kids come, I am going stir crazy.

This is not her first time kidding, but it is the first time she is kidding here so I really don’t know what to expect with her. One of ours has needed help every time she kids and the other usually has no issue and does it all on her own but with Desi, I just don’t know what I am in for. I just know that I am ready for her to release the hostages already.

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