Moving The Garden

So, it appears that this year is going to be a hot one. We are hitting record high heat this week, all week and our garden is suffering because of it. So this year Aarron is trying to move the garden under the shade of the screen room on the house.

This was going to be the new greenhouse area, but we are losing many of the plants in the garden so they are now coming in as well. We have never had much luck with transplanting so we are hoping this is going to work. My Garden ProgressĀ  posts, will be about this area now as we have combined both the garden and the greenhouse to one area.

So far, many of the plants do not look like they will make it, but we are going to try anyway to keep them alive. We have put some in the ground and others in pots because we only have so much space and need to be able to move around them and move some around in the process so this should be interesting. I am still hopeful so far though.

At this point in time, it seems that the lettuce and cabbage are doing the best, but others seems to be coming around as well and my screened area is starting to look more like I was hoping for. It seems this year may be a hard one again. We can’t seem to catch a break right now for anything. Oh well, here’s to hoping things get better.

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