Experimental Gardening

It has been so hot this year that our gardening isn’t doing very well. Because of this, Aarron has started trying to figure out how we can grow things better in the heat. Our garden is not covered at all, it is full sun all day long and this is not doing well this year because of the record heat we are seeing this week.


So what he is trying is something like a terrarium. He took a plastic bag, filled it with soil added water. Once the water had mixed in he planted lettuce seed. The thought behind the plastic is to keep more of the moisture in the soil for longer so that it doesn’t take as much water to feed it and germinate the seed. For the soil, we make our compost and that is what he used.

Once he planted the seed, he made like a balloon with the plastic and closed it up. The hope is that sun will allow the water to evaporate and collect on the bag. Then the condensation on the bag will fall back into the pot watering itself essentially. The bag will remain closed until the seed germinates and begins growing. Once the plant starts getting to big for the bag, we can open it up and it will still help to hold water meaning less water use to grow the plant.

At least that is the hope. We will keep in the shaded area of the house where it will get direct sun in the morning and early afternoon, but it will afternoon shade from the heat of the sun.  I will keep updating this to let you know how well this works, or doesn’t work. We are always looking for ways to conserve water and hopefully this will be one way that we can do this.

I will let you know how it works. Leave me a comment below if you have already tried this and let me know how well it worked for you.

Have a great day!



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