Day 23 – Seasons

Ultimate Blog Challenge Day 23

Today is all about seasons! Right now, here, it’s summer and it’s getting hot. This is not my favorite season because it gets too hot here. So far this year, it hasn’t been too bad – we’ve only hit 100 once so far which for us here is Southern Arizona is a nice start to summer.

I would have to say that my favorite season is fall. It’s not too hot and it’s not too cold. That is when I get outside as much as I can because the heat isn’t here and the cold hasn’t set in yet. Those are our nicest days here in my opinion. However, during the summer there is always a lot going on here on the farm/homestead. We are getting ready for kids to be born and getting ready for the pigs to breed. The cows will be old enough for breeding this fall so there is always something to do here during the summer.

And that is just the animals. We also have the garden. Aarron does most of the work in the garden while I do most of the work with the animals. This  year we will be converting the shop to a barn for the animals to have better protection at night and a better place to hold the feed from the weather. I think this is going to be a bigger build than either of us are expecting but we shall see. I hope that it will be done before the winter hits so the animals will be warm at night also.

We start this all in the summer though so that everything is ready for winter. Some years there is more to do than others and it seems like this will be one of those busy years for us. I am excited though about everything that is happening here and look forward to doing updates on this.

Have a great day!



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