Day 20 – Controversial Posts

Ultimate Blog Challenge Day 20

Do you do controversial posts? I have not done anything really controversial simply because I know that tempers can run high when things are said that others don’t agree with. We’ve all seen those posts on Facebook that are meant to pull at your worst emotions. And that is exactly what they do. I don’t want to do that. I want my readers to leave with new information, or motivation, or something along those lines. I want you to come back and I want you to feel like you got something more from me rather than a punch in the gut, so I don’t usually do the controversial posts on my blog or on my social media.

I believe that we can only over come hate with love so I refuse to post something that causes hate to come to the forefront.  People are different and that is allowed. We are allowed to have opinions that are different from other people. But facts are different. It is opinion that causes problems, not facts. The fact is that if we appreciate people’s differences and get to know the person, you will find that you have things in common. It is that common ground that we need to work with to bring people together.

At least that is my opinion on how to fix some of the issues we are facing today. I know that other people have different opinions and that is just fine. We are allowed to have different opinions. It does not mean that because someone has a different opinion than I do that I will hate that person. Rather than hate we need to try to understand why the person feels that way they do rather than just tell them they are wrong.

I hope everyone can eventually learn to take the time to understand someone’s opinion rather than slam them for it. Even if you don’t agree you can still understand.

Have a great day!


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