Day 18 – Milk and Cookies

Ultimate Blog Challenge Day 18

So the title may be a little misleading on this one because this post is not about milk and cookies, but rather what products and suppliers I use here on the homestead/farm. This post will be mostly about the suppliers that I use and the products that I get from those suppliers.


I use so many different things here it’s hard to keep track of sometimes. A lot of what I use I get online. I think my favorite place to shop when I need herbs to help with animal and human welfare is Mountain Rose Herbs.  I get dried herbs, bottles, essential oils and so many other things from Mountain Rose Herbs. I love that use sustainable products to provide quality products to the public.

The next supplier that I use for anything animal related is Jeffer’s Pet. They have everything from medications to fencing for all of your animals. This includes domestic pets as well. Any time I need something for my animals, this is the first place I go.

When it comes to the garden we are working on becoming certified organic so because of this I order seeds when I need them from Seed Savers . This company is also certified organic so I can be sure that the seeds I use are organic and qualify for the program.

Are there any suppliers that you swear by and always use? I would love to know. Leave a comment below and let me know what suppliers you use for what you need.

Have a great day!


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