Day 14- Book or Movie Review

Ultimate Blog Challenge Day 14

Today’s prompt is to give a book or movie review but I haven’t seen any good movies dealing with homesteading or farming and I already did a book review so I thought maybe a website or television show for today’s post. Of course the pictures will be for my homestead/farm but the information will be about Homestead Rescue which is on the Discovery channel.

I love to watch Homestead Rescue because they give so many great ideas on what we can do here. Of course we don’t have the money they do, but my husband does have the motivation to do what we need to so that we can keep going. On this show, the Raney family goes to homesteads that are on the verge of failure and works with them for 7 days to bring the person’s homestead back from the brink of death.

I love what this family does for other families. They are helping others to reach their dreams. Of course that means they put many of their dreams on the back burner while they are going across the US helping other families. The main things they work on for these families are food, water, and housing. I’ve seen them go so far as to completely rip down a house and rebuild it from the ground up. They work to do whatever they have to, to ensure the homesteading family is safe and able to live the dream they want to.

This includes ensuring the food supply is safe as well. They have build many greenhouses and raised barns for livestock. They have taught people how to process their own animals for food. I love that this family takes time out of their days to help others. I think this is supposed to be the back bone of homesteading – Helping those around you.

Have you ever watched this show? I would love to hear your thoughts on this show. Leave me a comment below and tell me what you think!

Have a great day!


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