Day 13 – Processes

Ultimate Blog Challenge Day 13

Today, we are to write about what processes we use in our area that may be helpful to others. I’m not sure that I am really qualified to write about this because my processes are sort of all over. I use technology, but I also have a written hard copy because I don’t trust technology to hold on to my records. For that reason alone I use both. Yes, it seems like a lot more work, and it likely is, but it’s what I do to ensure that I have all of my records even if something happens to the apps that I use.

This is the sheet that I use to log how many eggs we get in a day. I am looking for something better, but so far, this is it. I also record everything for the animals from vet visits to breeding to kidding. I have an account on paper for everything that has been done to or for our animals, with the exception of the chickens. For the chickens, I only record the egg count for the day.

The photo above shows the goat records where I can record everything for them from vaccinations to procedures done. Any time we put hands on the goats, it gets recorded in the book, even if we just brush them out. I like to know when things were done last so that I know when they need done again.

In this section, there are also places where I can keep track of breeding and kidding. I can keep track of pregnancies for each goat on the homestead. It just makes me feel better that the information will be at hand even if technology fails me.

Are there any processes that you use? Leave me a comment below and let me know!

Have a great day!


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