Day 10 – Top 5 Goat Breeds

Ultimate Blog Challenge Day 10

So this prompt is to make a list of top 5 – 10. To keep this homestead related I decided top 5 goat breeds that I like.

  1. La Mancha – I am a little partial to this breed as all of my girls are La Mancha and 2 of my males as well. This is a large breed, that is so very gentle most of the time. My herd queen will come up to me and place her head against me when she wants my attention. My females all have horns, but the males do not. This breed seems to be aware of their horns and don’t usually try to use them on us, only each other. I can’t say they never use them on us because one of my girls has a couple times, but in her defense, she was not feeling well at that time.

2.  Nubian – This is another large breed that is supposed to be very gentle. I have always wanted nubian goats but haven’t realized that dream just yet.

3. Alpine – This is another large breed, you may be seeing a pattern here. These are supposed to be good milkers and friendly. They are supposed to have good tasting milk as well. However, this is another breed that I don’t own so I am only going on what I have heard about them.

4. Boer – This goat is another large breed that is usually chosen for a meat goat. This is another breed I would love to get. They are supposed to be friendly and grow quickly. I’m not sure I would use them for meat but you never know. Everything on the homestead has to have a purpose.

5. Finally the last goat breed that I would love to own is Saanen. This breed is usually white, but I believe there are a few other colors available now. These are friendly goats if handled when young. I had one a long time ago and would love to get them again.

What is your favorite breed of goat? Leave me a comment below and let me know.

Have a great day!


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