Ultimate Blog Challenge – Day 8

So today’s question is do you work on the weekends? I would love to say that I don’t, but that would be a lie. With animals on the property, I work every day, rain or shine, heat or cold. It doesn’t matter what the weather is, my animals expect to be fed every day twice a day so yes, I have to work weekends. However, I don’t mind because my animals (even though they are mostly raised for food) are treated like pets.



If you ask my husband he will tell you that I spoil my animals. I just want to ensure they are getting the best life possible before they go to the freezer. I want to make sure that my animals know they were cared for and loved while they are here. And I do love my animals. I guess I would even have to say that yes, I do spoil them a bit, but shouldn’t they be?

So when I need or want to go out of town for anything more than a day trip, we have to find someone that can care for the animals and the garden for us when we are gone. Of course, that means we really don’t leave very often, but most of the time I don’t mind.

We just work every day to ensure that these animals have all they need and that they know love and care before their time come up. They eat well and we groom them most days, or well I do, I have a brush that the goats just love when I pull it out for them. These are my pets, even though most of them will feed us later on.

Have a great day!



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