Best Piece of Advice

I feel like the best piece of advice that I can give when it comes to homesteading/farming, would be to start small but just start. I feel like we jumped in with both feet and then were a bit over whelmed. I believe that if we had started smaller, maybe that wouldn’t have happened.

We started with about 20 chickens, 2 ducks,  2 goats and a large garden. When we didn’t have any idea what we were doing. Of course the first summer we lost several birds due to predators and the heat. That was a heartbreaking and expensive lesson learned the hard way.


I would recommend finding someone close to you that does some of the things you would like to do and learn from them, even if it’s while working your own plan too. Having someone who knows what they are doing on stand by would have been a big help to us. We didn’t know our neighbors when we were first starting but since getting to know them, they are probably my go to source for most information that I don’t already have.

We now have chickens, goats, turkeys, pigs, and cows that we tend to on a daily basis. I wouldn’t give up this lifestyle for anything but if we had started smaller than we did, things would have so much easier to begin with. No matter what you do, research it first and make sure you know what you are getting into. However, with that said, even the best research cannot prepare you for the actual experience.

Getting to know your animals and your land is the best way to learn for anyone, but I would suggest having some research information first  just to make sure you know what to expect from whatever it is that you plan to do on your homestead/farm.

Have a great day!


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